Slimline XL aquarium backgrounds

Slimline XL aquarium backgrounds A, B

Slimline XL Basalt Gneiss
Slimline XL Basalt Gneiss
Important! Each ARSTONE Slimline XL part is 70 cm long comparing to classic Slimline which is only 50 cm long. That is very important as these separate parts 70 cm long mean less joints in larger and longer tanks.

Dimensions, cm

A 70×80*
B 70×80*

* accurate 80 cm high

Slimline XL backgrounds are app.15 mm thick, but still are meant for larger and higher tanks. The 2 available segments can be combined in order to get variations for almost any aquarium or terrarium. You can also easily cut any Slimline part if needed. Slimline is an inexpensive still high quality decoration as all ARSTONE products.

Possible Slimline XL combinationsdepending on the length of the tank

Tank (WxH) Slimline Formula
70×80 A/B
120/130/140×80 A+B
200/210×80 A+B+A
250/280×80 A+B+A+B
350×80 A+B+A+B+A

Colours: Basalt Gneis, Grey Gneis, Red, White, Alpenkalk


You can choose among 5 different colours which are available for all ARSTONE products:

  • Basalt Gneiss
  • Grey Gneiss
  • Red
  • White
  • Alpenkalk