ARSTONE aquarium backgrounds are made of special plastic which is nowadays considered to be the best artificial material for both salt and freshwater aquarium tanks.

How is a new model born? Let’s follow the steps of the whole process of creation and production with us.


First of all, we must find an expressive sample: a cute rock, a streaked boulder, an unusual snag, etc. We like travelling and try to bring something new from each trip (either a coral or an unusual pebble, sometimes just photos, but every trip should be resulting). The very nature gives us inspiration. The resulting thing of the sample search is making the moulds of the best ones.

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The moulds are then transferred to the workshop. The next step is making the first casts. As soon as the first specimen is created a laborious revision of the stamp starts, including shape changes, fragments alternation, the addition of new elements. This step usually takes lots of months, sometimes more than a year. Some of the projects will unfortunately not reach the serial production, only the best ones will finally see the light.

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Finally, a new model appears as a result of intensive labour and dozens of revisions. Now it can be delivered to the production for stamping. At this stage the quality of raw materials in use and the strict observance of the technology process play a huge role. All the finished articles are strictly controlled and later on elaborated if necessary. Almost the entire production process is handicraft, performed with sophisticated equipment by the skilled professionals. Our technology allows us to produce the backgrounds complying with the highest standards of quality.

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Your background is in your aquarium. Enjoy!

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