Slimline aquarium background

Slimline aquarium backgrounds

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A 50×48 50×58
B 50×48 50×58
C 20×48 20×58

The 2 heights are available for each segment: 48 cm and 58 cm.

Slimline 3D backgrounds are app.15 mm thick. The 3 available segments can be combined in order to get the variations for almost any standard and non-standard aquarium and terrarium tanks. You can also easily cut any Slimline part if needed. Slimline is an inexpensive still high quality decoration as all ARSTONE products.

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Tank (WxH) Slimline Formula
50×50/40 A50
70×50/40 B50+C50
100×50 A50+B50
120×50 A50+B50+C50
150×50 B50+A50+B50
170×50 B50+A50+B50+C50
200×50 B50+A50+B50+A50


Tank (WxH) Slimline Formula
60×60 A60
70×60 B60+C60
100×60 A60+B60
120×60 A60+B60+C60
160×60 B60+A60+B60
170×60 B60+A60+B60+C60
200×60 B60+A60+B60+A60


Colours: Basalt Gneis, Grey Gneis, Red, White, Alpenkalk

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You can choose among 5 different colours which are available for all ARSTONE products:

  • Basalt Gneiss
  • Grey Gneiss
  • Red
  • White
  • Alpenkalk
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