Aquarium Filter rocks ST

Juwel Aquarium Filter rocks ST Basalt Gneiss

ST filter rocks are specially designed to decorate Juwel aquarium filters and other tank filters.

  • ST 47 is for filter Bioflow M (for Juwel tanks Lido 120, 200; Rio 125, 180, 240; Vision 180, Trigon 190);
  • ST 54 is for filter Bioflow XL (for Juwel tanks Rio 400, Vision 450, Trigon 350);
  • ST 55 is for filter Bioflow L (for Juwel tanks Rio 300, Vision 260).
[ts_alertbox model=”info”]ARSTONE Filter Rocks can also be used not only for JUWEL aquariums, but for any types of tanks. Just check the sizes on the draw on the right to see if they are suitable for your tank. [/ts_alertbox][ts_alertbox model=”info”]ARSTONE Filter Rocks are also available without holes in case you wish to drill them yourselves. [/ts_alertbox]
[ts_icon heading=”Inner dimensions, cm”][/ts_icon][ts_media image_src=”” class=”slupy-fadeinup”][/ts_media]
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