Discus Manolo Aquarium with Amazonas background
discus with Amazonas aquarium root by ASTONE
Manolo Discus are happy with Amazonas background
Very intensively coloured discus and ARSTONE Amazonas root
Manolo Discus aquarium tank
Marvelous discus colours, behind is Slimline background by ARSTONE
Beautiful Discus and Amazonas Root
Discus with Amazonas
Amazonas root is perfect for discus tanks
Gorgeous colours of the discus
The flock of magical discus

Photo Description

Beautiful discus with ARSTONE Amazonas background in a 120x60x60 cm tank from our customer’s Facebook page (there you’ll find all the equipment and step-by-step installation and decoration). Lots of discus and Amazon root is an ideal combination of beauty and ultimate success.


Discus Manolo



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