Orinoco Root in Amazonas aquarium
Eichhornia on the top
Orinoco Root in the aquarium
Scalars and discusfish aquarium
Discusfish is here
The aquarium at night
Amazonas aquarium with scalars


Photo Description

This superb Rio Nanay-Biotope Aquarium tank with Orinico 160×60 cm 3D root inside creates the rainforest atmosphere. Look how brilliant the upper raining system works. The ownder’s history:

The old aquarium 150x50x45 cm was exchanged for a new 160x60x70 cm one. The air section above the water was deliberately chosen to allow Echinodorus to push the leaves over the water and also to see the splashes of the rain and to enjoy it as well. However, there is still some eichhornia in the air, which will also fill in the air space. In the water, it should be relatively small. Thus, the discusfish have the upper cover, but there’s plenty of space beneath for them. The fish was taken over in 1:1 and should remain that way, as I wanted to offer more space to the existing fish. And quite soon after the relocation, it turned out that the discus fish showed a different behavior than in the old tank. They are more active and also use the hollows of the new background, which is much more plastic than the old one.
As far as technology is concerned, almost everything has been taken over from the old tank. Still lighting was changed from the daytime led control for LiWeBe. Filtering instead of Eheim Pro3e 600T and a new Eheim Pro4 250T, which replaces the Juwel filter and backs up. Unlike the standing water behind the old background, the water is always in the cycle for this time. The Rain Pump, the filters etc. are located in an empty Juwel Filter pit, so you can see as little technique as possible in the tank.


Rio Nanay-Biotope aquarium with discusfish



Copyright Daniel Dold, Germany