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Exclusive resemblance to natural rocks, boulders, wood, roots, etc. thanks to the special technology tested by professionals for more than 10 years.

EXQUISITE DESIGN – We attach great importance on the authentic look of all our backgrounds. Each model is copied from natural rocks or wood.

SUPERB QUALITY – ARSTONE guarantees you the impeccable quality of the products as we use absolutely the best materials that are safe for humans, plants and animals.

Made in Czech Republic (EU) – fair trade and European quality materials

ARSTONE has been offering a wide range of aquarium backgrounds, rocks, stones and terrarium decorations for all standard tanks and XL sizes for about 20 years. The products are a copy of natural stone, rocks, boulders, wood and roots. We attach great importance to the quality of our decorations, strength of the materials, durability of paint coating, stylish design – these are the distinctive features of all ARSTONE products.

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Best & Most Popular Works

Creating exciting projects and decorating tanks with ARSTONE decorations is so easy and fun… They are quite easy to install on the back of your tank. Just make a step to nature as all our products are a copy of natural elements.

[ts_icon icon=”cube” heading=”DECORATIONS FOR ANY TANK” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]In addition to standard models you will find the unique backgrounds for larger tanks. 1 meter high and 3 meters long is not the maximum for our production.[/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”gears” heading=”HARDNESS & DURABILITY” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]ARSTONE aquarium decor has almost unlimited life span. The upper surface is so strong that the risk of its crushing by the strong jaws of catfish or reptiles is almost minimal. Therefore, any cleaning methods can be used, including the most intense ones. [/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”certificate” heading=”STYLISH & NATURAL DESIGN” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]ARSTONE artificial rocks is a replica of natural cliffs, rocks and other materials. You will appreciate the authentic look of all ARSTONE products.[/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”paw” heading=”SAFE MATERIALS” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]ARSTONE backgrounds have no smell, they are nontoxic that is a 100% fish-friendly product. The materials do not react with fresh and salt water, they are absolutely chemically neutral. [/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”download” heading=”READY TO INSTALL IN YOUR TANK ” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]You don’t have to apply an additional protective epoxy coating yourself like some other brands require. Epoxides are very dangerous to human health, their application requires your time and risk. ARSTONE products have no dissilient bubbles on the surface either. [/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”flask” heading=”PAINT RESISTANT TO BOTH SEA & FRESH WATER” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]Natural dyes become part of the material in the chemical reaction with the top plastic surface. That is why ARSTONE backgrounds can be used even in salt water aquarium tanks. The paint will never peel off, nor will it affect the water chemical composition.[/ts_icon][ts_gap]

[ts_icon icon=”eye” heading=”A WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]5 different colours available to any taste: Basalt Gneiss, Grey Gneiss, White Limestone, Red Gneiss and Alpenkalk.[/ts_icon]

[ts_icon icon=”child” heading=”ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]All ARSTONE decorations are absolutely safe for fish, reptiles, aquatic plants as well as for human-beings. We have been testing our products since 1998 and never have we noticed any defects or negative factors. [/ts_icon]

[ts_icon icon=”tree” heading=”ECO FRIENDLY” h_size=”6″ size=”large”]Our electricity supplier uses only green sources of energy (wind power, bio fuel, solar and hydroelectric sources). We also recycle app. 90% of the production waste (the rest is safely eliminated) and try to use recycled materials where it is possible. [/ts_icon]

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You can choose among 5 different colours which are available for all ARSTONE decorations:

  • Basalt Gneiss
  • Grey Gneiss
  • Red
  • White
  • Alpenkalk

All these colours can be combined together or used separately.

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[ts_dropcap icon=”smile-o” bg=”square” left_dropcap=”on”]Adequate Prices
We wish every aquarist could afford a stylish high-quality 3D background. You don’t have to choose between quality and price.

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Always On Stock
You can order through the network of distributors or at our online shop. Always available on stock or fast delivery from EU.

[ts_dropcap icon=”exclamation” bg=”square” left_dropcap=”on”]Extra Low-Cost Models
We also produce extra budget models like Sumatra, Malawi and Slimline of different sizes including XL (e.g., Slimline 80).

[ts_dropcap icon=”bars” bg=”square” left_dropcap=”on”]Safe Packaging
No damages while delivering and warehouse manipulations due to quality materials and packaging.

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