Slimline XL background B 80 cm high (70 x 80 cm)

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Basalt Gneiss, Grey Gneiss, White, Red, Alpenkalk


 109.00 119.00

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Min. order- 3 pcs of parts A and B altogether

Slimline XL 3D backgrounds are specially designed for larger or higher aquariums and terrariums. They are 80 cm high. Slimline XL consists of 2 parts: A 80 (70 x 80 cm), B 80 (70 x 80 cm) and can be combined together for any length of your tank.

Important! Each ARSTONE Slimline XL part is 70 cm long comparing to the classic Slimline which is only 50 cm long. That is very important as these separate parts 70 cm long mean fewer joints in larger and longer tanks.

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Basalt Gneiss, White, Grey Gneiss, Alpenkalk




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