Aquarium rocks

3D Artificial Aquarium Rocks

[ts_icon heading=”AMAZING FEATURES AND DETAILS” small_text=”Make your own compositions out of the rocks or simply combine them with backgrounds” h_size=”2″ size=”small”][/ts_icon][ts_gap size=”-10px”][ts_icon heading=”ARSTONE artificial rocks is a replica of natural rocks. You will appreciate the authentic look of ARSTONE modules.” h_size=”5″ size=”small”][/ts_icon][ts_gap horizontal_gap=”on”][ts_button title=”CHOOSE ROCKS FOR YOUR TANK” url=”/?cat=509″ size=”large” icon_pos=”right” hover_effect=”on” border=”on” color=”white”][ts_gap size=”20px”]
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Do you want to start your own project using ARSTONE rocks? [ts_gap size=”30px” class=”clearfix hidden-lg hidden-md”]  [ts_button title=”CHOOSE ROCKS” url=”/3d/aquarium-rocks/” size=”large” color=”white” border=”on” class=”get-a-quote-button”][/ts_button]

Colours: Basalt Gneis, Grey Gneis, Red, White, Alpenkalk

[ts_icon heading=”5 COLOURS FOR ANY TANK AND TASTE” size=”small”][/ts_icon]

You can choose among 5 different colours which are available for all ARSTONE products:

  • Basalt Gneiss
  • Grey Gneiss
  • Red
  • White
  • Alpenkalk
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