Backgrounds, rocks, modules and further 3D elements in Amazon style. They mostly contain different roots and mangroves either as separate elements, or as a background ready to install into the aquarium. Most often these decorations are used in scalar or discus tanks.

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  • Amazonas aquarium root rightAmazonas aquarium root left

    Amazonas aquarium background by ARSTONE

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  • New Amazonas XL - leftNew Amazonas XL aquarium background

    NEW Amazonas XL root aquarium background by ARSTONE

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  • Rainforest Root L rightRainforest Root Orinoco left

    Rainforest Root Orinoco

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  • Rainforest Roots Background Laona right

    Laona Rainforest aquarium background by ARSTONE

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  • Aquarium Rainforest Roots

    Rainforest Module Roots

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