Alimar in Malawi cichlid tank
Beautiful cichids
Amazonas XL in the aquarium
Borneo background in the tank
Amazonas root is perfect for discus tanks
Modules are perfect to add into Tanganyika aquarium
Caves created of 3D rocks
Slimline Basalt Gneiss in 200x60 cm aquarium tank
The hole in Slimline XL backgrounds
Cichlids love ARSTONE rocks
Amazonas background in the discus aquarium
Malawi Grey Gneiss in the aquarium
Paludarium with ARSTONE products
Aquarium rocks look so gorgeous
Slimline White backgrounds with discus
Rocky background in aquarium
Sumatra background in the aquarium
Slimline White in corner aquarium
Slimline Basalt Gneiss by ARSTONE in the terrarium
Kerala aquarium background in the Dutch tank
The first days in the tank
White ARSTONE 3D rocks with cichlids
Beautiful terrarium waterfall