Alimar Grey Gneiss 160x60 cm

  • Alimar in Malawi cichlid tank
  • Beautiful cichlids with ARSTONE Alimar background
  • Alimar in Malawi cichlid tank
  • Dark caves and cichlids...
  • Alimar aquarium background - sideview
  • Alimar - cichlids love it!

This beautiful tank with cichlids was specially decorated to show the depth and exciting 3D effect of this background. The fishes love hiding in the caves and rocks when they need some privacy. The tank is basically 150×60 cm, thus the background was cut out of the standard 160×60 size.

Installation Process


ARSTONE, 5/2015


Alimar background in Malawi cichlid tank 160x60 cm

  • + Installation
  • Cichlid
  • Grey Gneiss
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