How to clean ARSTONE aquarium backgrounds

There are several possible variants of cleaning a 3D aquarium background from algae, decaying organic material and fish waste.

  1. The most effective way to clean a 3D background is to dry it thoroughly (you can do it right in the aquarium tank), after that you can peel off the flakes with a brush, the drained dirt can be easily cleared away. After brushing, rinse the background thoroughly, and place it back into the aquarium tank.
  2. You can, however, do without cleaning, by simple drying (you can also polish the dry background with a brush in case of wide contamination). In this case, the background will be cleaned in a few weeks after filling the tank with the water. The bacteria will simply eat all the dead organic mass under the influence of microflora.
  3. Brush the algae off right in the aquarium:
  4. Another way is in case there are no live plants in the tank. It is possible to apply chemicals to control algae, for example, “Algae destroyer” or “Algae blocker”.
  5. The young suckermouth catfish Loricariidae can also help. They just won’t let the background overgrow or get dirty.

We do not recommend using soaps or chemicals that can easily contaminate the aquarium tank if they are not entirely removed after cleaning.

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