Installation of aquarium background by ARSTONE

The sizes of ARSTONE decorations can have a margin +-1/2 cm as aquariums from different manufacturers have different internal dimensions, both in length and height. Fitting of the backgroud to the aquarium size is done by the customer during the installation.

  1. If you have a laser tool, it will facilitate the background marking, if not, you can mark it up manually (see points 5,6).
  2. Extend the marker pen in order to properly mark the background up.
  3. Measure the length of the inner aquarium tank length.
  4. Measure the inner tank height using the tape line.
  5. Mark up the background length with the extended marker pen.
  6. Mark up the background height with the extended marker pen.
  7. Cut the background with the saw.
  8. Stick the background in the tank with special aquarium silicone.
  9. The finished aquarium tank with the installed background within.

Sometimes aquarium producers install glass cross pieces or so-called braces into the tank. In this case you can place the background into the tank by cutting it up. After that, the parts are stuck together inside the tank with aquarium silicone. You should saw the background angularly so that the seem is uneven and looks like a natural rock crack. The finer saw you use, the less visible seem you’ll get. You can also cut the background with a rotary power tool. This way is highly recommended for professional aquarists. If you do not want to cut the background, you can temporarily remove the cross pieces. After the background is installed, you should place them back.

Filtration scheme

The following filtration scheme is recommended. The quantity of the grids depends on the length of the tank. It’s a 2m tank on the photo below:

Filtration scheme for 3D backgrounds

Filtration scheme for 3D backgrounds

The filtration grids of different colours (Basalt, Grey Gneiss, Alpenkalk, White and Brown) can be ordered in our Online shop.

How to easily install ARSTONE modules as overhanging

You do not need silicone:

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