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Benefits of Using Artificial Rocks to Decorate Your Fish Tank

Adding Aesthetic Elements to Your Fish Tank When you are thinking of getting an aquarium or a fish tank for your home, there are a lot of considerations that would go into the whole process. From picking an ideal fish, setting up the perfect environment for them and placing the right objects in order to…

Saltwater aquarium design

Marine aquarium tanks are no longer a rarity. However, the saltwater inhabitants are more demanding than freshwater ones. The main difficulty is to properly maintain the biological balance of a marine aquarium environment. Therefore, you will need much more experience in maintaining a marine tank. The installation and the equipment is almost the same as…

ARSTONE backgrounds and aquarium space

What could be better for the the aquarium design than a well-chosen and properly installed 3D background? Some aquarists, however, suppose that it will take up a lot of precious space in the aquarium tank. Let’s think, if it’s really true or just a myth. Aquarium background AMAZONAS – installation

How to clean ARSTONE aquarium backgrounds

There are several possible variants of cleaning a 3D aquarium background from algae, decaying organic material and fish waste. The most effective way to clean a 3D background is to dry it thoroughly (you can do it right in the aquarium tank), after that you can peel off the flakes with a brush, the drained dirt can be easily cleared away. After brushing, rinse the background thoroughly, and place it back…

How to cut ARSTONE backgrounds

Sometimes you need to cut a background to adjust its size to the tank. You can easily cut a 3D aquarium background with a hacksaw for wood (preferably fine-toothed). If you need to cut a background in 2 or 3 pieces to adjust it to the tank with cross braces, you can cut it with a…

Installation of aquarium background by ARSTONE

The sizes of ARSTONE decorations can have a margin +-1/2 cm as aquariums from different manufacturers have different internal dimensions, both in length and height. Fitting of the backgroud to the aquarium size is done by the customer during the installation. If you have a laser tool, it will facilitate the background marking, if not,…

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