Malawi caves with ARSTONE aquarium module rocks
Beautiful cichids
The fish can swim all around the rocks
The fish is swimming around
Cichlids and white rocks
Malawi white rocks 3D
Cave effect
White rocks are perfect for cichlids
Blue LEDs are on
Malawi cichlid aquarium with ARSTONE modules
3D Rocks and LED
Malawi aquarium with ARSTONE 3D rocks

Installation process:

3D Rocks are ready to install into the tank
Installation of ARSTONE aquarium rocks
Waiting for the fish
Cichlids love the caves!


Aquarium cichlid tank 160x60x60 cm with White ARSTONE module rocks A, O, Xx2, X0, Qx2, E, M0, G. The overhanging rocks – M0, E, Q. The fish inside: Melanochromis maingano & Haplochromis ch 44.

The conception of the tank is to create the maximum volume effect and shelters for fish. Thus the hanging rocks were used (M0, E, Q). The space behind the hanging rocks is 100% functional as the fish will be freely swimming around them. No space loss!


Malawi cichlid tank with underwater caves



Photo by ARSTONE