Slimline aquarium backgrounds

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Aquariums 50 cm high: Part A 50 x 48 cm, Part B 50 x 48 cm, Part С 20 x 48 cm
Aquariums 60 cm high: Part A 50 x 58 cm, Part B 50 x 58 cm, Part С 20 x 58 cm


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Min. order – 3 pcs of Slimlines. Delivery to limited countries only.

Slimline 3D aquarium backgrounds are only 15 mm thick. The system consists of 3 parts: A, B, C. These units can be combined in order to get the necessary length of your aquarium or terrarium tank. The decoration is produced in 4 colors: Basalt Gneiss, Alpenkalk, Grey Gneiss and White and can be easily installed on to any back or on to the sides of the tank. We inspire by nature, so the rock design is extremely realistic.

You can also use Slimline panels to cover the right and left sides of your tank combining them with other ARSTONE 3D backgrounds. 

Slimline backgrounds by ARSTONE are not flat from behind (see photos of the product)

Tank (WxH) Slimline Formula
50×50/40 A50
70×50/40 B50+C50
100×50 A50+B50
120×50 A50+B50+C50
150×50 B50+A50+B50
170×50 B50+A50+B50+C50
200×50 B50+A50+B50+A50
Tank (WxH) Slimline Formula
60×60 A60
70×60 B60+C60
100×60 A60+B60
120×60 A60+B60+C60
160×60 B60+A60+B60
170×60 B60+A60+B60+C60
200×60 B60+A60+B60+A60

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Basalt Gneiss, White, Grey Gneiss, Alpenkalk


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