Rock M2 44x18x14 cm
Rock M2 44x18x14 cm
Aquarium corner Rocks M, M1, M2 Basalt Gneiss
Rock M2 Up
Rock M2 Depth

Aquarium Rock M2 44 x 18 x 14 cm


3D artificial rock for aquariums and terrariums

Colour Basalt Gneiss Basalt Gneiss White White Limestone Grey Gneiss Grey Gneiss Alpenkalk Alpenkalk
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Aquarium rock M2 is perfect for the creation of the cave effect in a smaller tank as a corner stone as well as for standard inner aquarium decoration. It can also be used as a corner element. Aquarium 3D rocks or modules are perfect for creating custom-designed combinations, including caves and cliffs. ARSTONE rocks look so natural that noone ever believes that they are made of plastics. More…

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Weight 1 kg

Basalt Gneiss, White, Grey Gneiss, Alpenkalk

Dimensions, cm (maximum length x width x depth)

65 x 26 x 15




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