Grey Gneiss

The hole in Slimline XL backgrounds
The Fisherman’s Malawi aquarium

Aquarium background Alimar 160×60 cm Grey Gneiss with the combination of ARSTONE rocks A, G, M2 x2, X in the aquarium with cichlids. Slimline XL parts A and B were…

Alimar in Malawi cichlid tank
Alimar Grey Gneiss 160×60 cm

This beautiful tank with cichlids was specially decorated to show the depth and exciting 3D effect of this background. The fishes love hiding in the caves and rocks when they…

Lege Artis 3D modules 200×60 cm

This set of the 14 natural looking modules by ARSTONE can be used for 200×60 cm cichlid tanks. There are 3D caves and rocky spaces for the fish as well…

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